E28 – Gearbox Cooler Pipe Replacement

More from the archives!!

Well, I got the seal back on, the gearbox back in and was taking the car home 200 miles from where it had been resting. About halfway I noticed a nasty DII type smell and a lot of smoke, I pulled over to find one of the cooler pipes had split and it was dispensing Dexron all over the road, the AA were called and the car was relayed the rest of the way.

One quick trip to BMW later and we have one cooler pipe and one new dipstick tube, the other had been split and was pretty shot.

The first job was removing the pipe, I did not feel like dropping the box to gain access to the following steps were taken.

1 – Drain gearbox

2 – Remove Dipstick tube (30mm spanner)

3 – Remove the bottom cooler pipe, get it out the way (22mm spanner)

4 – The top cooler pipe is the shorter one of the two…….

5 – Undo and tuck out of the way, the selector cable

6 – Get the 22mm spanner up the side of the box to the top cooler bolt, it’s fiddly but can be removed

7 – Withdraw pipe

8 – Remove rear gearbox mount, support the box and lower slightly

9 – Place new pipe on and tighten, not over tight

10 – place other cooler pipe on and tighten with 22mm spanner

11 – Root dipstick tube into engine bay, locate and tighten.

12 – Check fittings.

13 – Fill with dexron II to midway on the dipstick to be safe.

This job took me a total of 2 hours or so, mainly due to some tight bolts, but once it was re-assembled I took the car for a quick test drive to find it’s much happier and doesn’t throw fluid everywhere.